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Team description and facts about gallery creation

Idea and creation of The Main Story Gallery come from active members of Pilgrim Slavic Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington. This project exhibits the passion we have for God and our community and our desire to serve in a unique way. Our team consists of Pilgrim church volunteers, that have talents and qualities that helped to create the gallery. Among them: Art advisors, researchers, designers, artists, musicians, and more. The idea of creating the gallery came from a ministry, that Vladimir Kronin, author of gallery idea and facilitator, saw back in Ukraine in 2016 during one of the missionary trips. Where local church in Kharkiv city, does such ministry with reproduction art as well. 

It took us about two years to create a gallery from “scratch”. We had to choose our own art pieces, research about it, we strive to create a gallery that would look close to originals as much as possible in sizing if possible (often times original are very big sizes), then we had to proportionally downsized. Frame style and color of it, and more. There are so many little details that needed to be addressed, from making a custom trailer to transport the gallery, custom art casing for protection, brass plates with information, art labeling plates, printed materials, website creation, custom framing, team formation, team training, fundraising and much more. It took over 30 people helping in various tasks and occupations to make this gallery come alive. Gallery active members are:

Evgeniy Grechko – Art advisor, team training, musician.

Vladimir Kronin – Founder and project manager, fundraising.

Daniel Kovalyov – Communication Design (logo, flyers, guide books, description materials, website, photo, video).

Anatoliy Altukhov – Sponsor, artist, development, technical improvements. 

We clearly see Jesus’s blessing and inspiration that comes from Him, for this Gallery to be created for our community and serve in the Spokane area in a unique way.

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