What is it?

The idea of this gallery originated from the active members of Pilgrim Slavic Baptist church in Spokane, WA. The group went on a mission trip to Ukraine in 2016 and experienced the Bible Art gallery, which the local church ministry presented. After participating in this form of outreach, the staff pastor and missionary leader at Pilgrim church, Vladimir Kronin, had a vision and passion for creating something similar for the Spokane region. As a result, a team of dedicated and enthusiastic members of the church came together to craft The Main Story Gallery project. Every piece of the gallery was created from scratch: development, advisory, choosing paintings, research, fundraising, website design, custom trailer, and more. Thanks to hard work and determination, team efforts, prayers, and our Lord’s blessings, this beautiful mobile art gallery exists for the community to enjoy.

Why we exist?

This project exhibits the passion we have for God and our community, and the desire to serve in a special way. We provide gallery tours that give spiritual, educational, and recreational experiences while providing the opportunity for people to learn valuable things that will benefit everyone’s life.

Development and goal

The creation of The Main Story Gallery comes from active members of Pilgrim Slavic Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington. This project exhibits our passion for God and our community and our desire to serve in a unique way. We provide gallery tours that deliver spiritual, educational, and recreational experiences and an opportunity for everyone to learn valuable life lessons.

Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible with The Main Story mobile gallery. This opportunity offers anyone a free tour that will expand their knowledge of world-renowned art and fill their souls.

Art Gallery logistics

The Main Story Gallery is mobile and can be transported and set up almost anywhere: Parks, fairgrounds, shows, churches, senior homes, schools, universities, city events, and more. We strive to reach the full spectrum of the audience: children in schools, students in universities, art lovers, the general public, seniors, and everyone who enjoys learning new meaningful information.

Special thanks!

Thank you to our sponsors for helping us start this project:

  • Whitworth University’s Office of Church Engagement
  • ALT.Floors Inc.
  • Pilgrim Slavic Baptist Church
  • Hope For The People
  • Innovia Foundation
  • Spokane Rotary Club 21
  • PNW Tile & Floor LLC
  • Avista Foundation