October 22, 2022

The Main Story Gallery community impacts

The Main Story Gallery community impacts

2022 Report

The Main Story Art gallery greatly impacted the Spokane community in 2022. Our second year since the gallery opening was full of highlights affecting various groups in our city. 

The year began with the completion of the gallery trailer. The 7 by 14 ft trailer was custom wrapped with art, photographs, and a QR code. This is a great way to advertise the gallery, as it drives around town and at exhibitions. Viewers have the chance to scan the QR code, which directs them to our website and virtual tours. 

In April, we had the privilege of being included in the Rockwood South Hill Retirement Community Easter program. Over 30 seniors gathered at the event hall to hear live music and see art. For two days, residents enjoyed a beautiful cello and piano duet and experienced the remarkable collection of 15 painting reproductions by artists such as Rembrandt, Dore, and Raphael. Some residents commented, “The program was beautifully done. It was the highlight of my week.” Another resident said, “I was amazed that this collection is in Spokane and on display.” 

War in Ukraine forced many Ukrainians to flee the county, and some found refuge here in Spokane. With the grand opening of Thrive Center, about 200 people received temporary living accommodations. Our gallery was able to join the opening event on July 16th and display the paintings over the course of seven days. Many refugees found art familiar to them on display and expressed gratitude for this opportunity. I remember a mother and daughter who had recently arrived from Ukraine, walking into the exhibition room. As I offered them a quick tour of the gallery, they were encouraged by the story of Jesus depicted through the paintings. 

The month of August was filled with participation in local community events. On Saturday, August 6th, Spokane Family Day was held at Shadle Park by local churches and non-profit organizations. About 300 people attended this event and had the chance to visit our exhibition. Parents and children together learned more about world art and the story of Jesus. The next day, our gallery joined the Hillyard Festival, which has been part of the Hillyard neighborhood for over a century. After learning about our gallery, Shawn Fissette, Festival President, gave us the opportunity to display the gallery at no cost. We received many words of appreciation for the art pieces shown. One particular moment I recall was a lady who walked by the exhibit and loudly exclaimed, “this is the best booth in the whole festival.” 

The Spokane Fair has been known to our community for many years and has become a staple of interaction and unity in our city. Over two hundred thousand people go through the Fair each year. This year, for the first time, we welcomed the opportunity to be part of this event. Our presence at the Spokane Fair brought new challenges to our team. However, this was an outstanding possibility to serve a larger audience than we ever have. Throughout the ten days of the Fair, over one thousand people visited The Main Story Gallery booth. Multiple people expressed interest in this local project and wanted to know more about what we do. Many learned about world-famous art and artists, and most importantly, they learned about the story of Jesus. 

This year’s exhibitions are coming to an end. The year 2022 showed promising results for the gallery as we expanded our presence and reached new members of our community. Hundreds of people viewed captivating art, gained new knowledge, asked questions, and interacted with our team. As the director of the gallery, I can confidently say that with the Main Story Gallery, we are achieving our goal of being available to as many people as possible in our community. Our team is excited to continue sharing art with our community and serve in the new locations around the Spokane area. 

Would you or your organization consider supporting us in 2023 as we continue to offer free exhibition tours to everyone? Your contribution would expand our possibilities and cover ongoing administrative and technical expenses. 

Let’s serve our city together. Contact us for more information, partnerships, or with donations. We appreciate your consideration. 

Report by the Gallery Director Vladimir Kronin